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Porcelain, as you know, is extremely fragile and delicate. Transporting fragile items requires, to both manufacturers and carriers, strict and meticulous rules of packaging.

More precisely, the more the item to delivery is fragile, the more cumbersome will result the packaging, with a consequent impact on the volume, as well as on the final price.

If to all these considerations it is added the distance of shipment, we can easily understand how sometimes the shipping cost is likely to affect substantially the production costs.

For all these reasons, Capodimonte's Finest intends to present to potential customers the possibility to consider more profitable to compact their orders in as few shipments as possible.

The shipping cost, in fact, decreases exponentially (for reference unit) to the increase of the total amount of the order.

In order to give you a clearer idea of what has just been pointed out, we report here some typical examples about the relationship between the costs of shipping and the unit prices:

Example 1 (Italy): 

  • 1.5 KG/V=12 euros (8 euros per Kilo); 
  • 10KG/V=18 euros (1.8 euros per Kilo); 
  • 25 KG/V=32 euros (1.28 euros per Kilo);
  • 70 KG/V=62 euros (90 cents per Kilo).

Example 2 (Europe - Germany): 

  • -1.5 KG/V=33.7 euros (22.5 euros per Kilo); 
  • -10 KG/V=41.9 euros (4.2 euros per Kilo); 
  • -25 KG/V=51.2 euros (2.04 euros per Kilo);
  • -70 KG/V=81.2 euros (1.2 euros per Kilo).


Example 3 (USA): 

  • -1.5 KG/V=34.7 euros (23.1 euros per Kilo); 
  • -10 KG/V=61.7 euros (6.2 euros per Kilo);
  • -25 KG/V=116.9 euros (4.7 euros per Kilo);
  • -70 KG/V=269 euros (3.8 euros per Kilo);

Finally, Capodimonte's Finest reminds its customers that for orders above 70 KG/V you can arrange the most convenient modality of shipment (even if not provided from our e-commerce website) directly with the administration.